4 Easter Books for Kids Yoga Class

Easter Day is coming up, brining with it bunnies and hunts for candy. Children aren't the only ones who love yoga - invite the Easter Bunny to join in the yoga fun! These books are perfect for little yogis to practice yoga with themed poses,...

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Kids Doing Yoga in Classroom

How to Bring Yoga Into Classrooms

Relax - it's easy to bring yoga into your classroom!  You can incorporate yoga with what you are already doing with your students.  You don't need any special training or extra space to move in. All you need is your current skill set and a new...

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Outdoor Yoga Activities for Summer Camp

Outdoor yoga games are a fun group activity - encouraging teamwork, creativity, and large muscle movement. Here are some of our most popular yoga adventures - all themed for summer fun in the sun! Summer themed Yoga Games Let's Go Fly a Kite It's time...

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Handshake Challenge Kids Yoga

Brain Breaks for the Classroom

Brain breaks are a huge success in elementary school classrooms! They give students a boost in energy and a chance to refocus their attention. Each of these only takes a few minutes, and will greatly improve student performance. They work well for kids of all...

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Yoga for SEL in Schools

SEL in Classrooms

SEL in Schools At its core, social-emotional learning (SEL) focuses on the skills that people develop to support long-term success in school and life. Therefore, it is increasingly important for schools and staff to incorporate SEL teaching materials. Thankfully, more schools are looking to integrate...

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Child doing mindfulness activity in classroom

Mindfulness for Kids

Simply put - mindfulness is being aware of your thoughts and feelings when you are experiencing them. Mindfulness in the classroom brings children (and teachers!) into the present moment.  Introducing the concept of mindfulness to your students will help to improve classroom climate, and increase student...

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Teaching Tools for Kids Yoga Class

Planning a Kids’ Yoga Class:
Full Lesson Plans

Keeping kids engaged in yoga class means we need to offer variety, creativity, and ton of fresh ideas! New themes and fun twists on classics can be a challenge to create.  Our Lesson Plans Our Lesson Plans offer full 45-60 minute classes, centered on themes that...

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Namaste Kid Booth at Community Event

Promoting Kids’ Yoga at
Community Events

Leading yoga for kids at a community event is a fun challenge! If you plan your space well, you will find that you have one of the busiest booths at the event. The trick is to focus on highly engaging activities that are easy for kids...

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Kids Yoga Teaching Tools

Planning a Kids’ Yoga Class:
Where to Start

Everybody needs inspiration for their classes! Sometimes we need help from beginning to end, while other times we simply need a new book to bring into the mix.  Our Teaching Tools help instructors no matter where they are teaching. You'll find brilliant ideas for yoga...

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