Brain breaks are a huge success in elementary school classrooms! They give students a boost in energy and a chance to refocus their attention. Each of these only takes a few minutes, and will greatly improve student performance. They work well for kids of all ages, kindergarten and older.

Our Teaching Tools are filled with a variety of brain breaks, that are designed to enhance student performance and improve classroom climate.

Here are 3 Brain Breaks to try with your students:

  1. Eagle Pose Challenge: Use this exercise when students are in a bit of a fog. Think of long days that are filled with standardized tests, or during the afternoon lull. 

    • Begin in Seated Eagle Pose
    • Roll your neck in one direction, and then the other.
    • Roll your shoulders forward, then back.
    • Spell your first name backward.
    • Say your first name backward.
    • Open your arms, then cross them so your opposite arm is on top.
    • Now do the same with your last name!
  2. Small Space Yoga Flow: Classroom Movement is excellent to use when kids have extra wiggles and are having a hard time sitting still. Because it takes up limited space, students can easily do it behind their chair, in circle time, or in a flexible seating classroom. Classroom Movement can be pulled up on the class screen or printed and handed to students as needed.
  3. Handshake Challenge: This brain break is excellent to wake up sleepy or distracted minds!  Use Handshake Challenge between standardized tests, after lunch, or any other time you sense a classroom lull.

Handshake Challenge Kids Yoga

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