Simply put – mindfulness is being aware of your thoughts and feelings when you are experiencing them. Mindfulness in the classroom brings children (and teachers!) into the present moment. 

Introducing the concept of mindfulness to your students will help to improve classroom climate, and increase student performance. 

Mindfulness exercises help us to understand and manage our feelings, to focus our attention, and to concentrate on the task at hand. Try these with your students!

Easy Pose

Easy Pose helps people to calm big feelings. If kids are having trouble focusing because of stress, you can encourage them to sit in this pose for as long as they feel it is helping them. 

Students can take this time in a quiet corner, or even sit like this in their seats. 

Kids Yoga - Easy Pose

Belly Breathing

Students love to learn that the most powerful way they can manage their feelings is with their breathing! 

When students are having a hard time settling in, have them practice this breathing exercise. Belly Breathing is easy to do from their chair, or in a quiet corner to help them recenter. Children will find they are more in-tune with their feelings and have a technique to help them focus and learn.

The Smelling Bag

Scent is a wonderful tool to help ease anxieties! There are several calming scents that are child-friendly. Some favorites are vanilla, mandarin, and lavender. 

The Smelling Bag is a calming mindfulness game that helps students to quiet their minds and refocus their attention. 

Try putting a few drops of essential oil on a cotton ball, and placing the cotton ball in a paper bag. Have your students close their eyes, and focus all of their attention on their breath, and thinking of what the scent brings to mind.


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