Keeping kids engaged in yoga class means we need to offer variety, creativity, and ton of fresh ideas! New themes and fun twists on classics can be a challenge to create. 

Our Lesson Plans

Our Lesson Plans offer full 45-60 minute classes, centered on themes that appeal to kids 3-7 years old! They include:

  • A complete script, from beginning to end for you to follow
  • Themed class openings and centering activities
  • Yoga to stories, with books you can get at your local library
  • Creative yoga adventures that are themed to the lesson plan
  • Mindfulness time, to wind down your class
  • A variety of yoga activities, mindfulness projects, group work, and more! 

Teaching Tools for Kids Yoga Class

How to Use Lesson Plans

Once you’ve selected your lesson plan, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with it. Follow the links to each activity, so that you know your script, steps, and supplies you might need.

Sometimes you will find that one of the activities in a Lesson Plan doesn’t work for your class. It might be that you have recently done the same activity with your students, or that you can’t get the suggested book on time. We’re prepared for this! 

Simply search our Teaching Tools for a replacement activity. For instance, if you are looking to swap books, search by books with the same theme. You’ll find several alternative options!

Each activity in your Lesson Plan is a full Teaching Tool that comes with step-by-step pose photos, and a script for you to follow. Your subscription lets you print the Teaching Tools and bring them into class. 

If you have any questions, we’re always here to help!


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