Everybody needs inspiration for their classes! Sometimes we need help from beginning to end, while other times we simply need a new book to bring into the mix. 

Our Teaching Tools help instructors no matter where they are teaching. You’ll find brilliant ideas for yoga camps and classes, yoga in schools, and yoga at community events. 

Where to Start

If you’re looking for a class focus, start your search in the themes section. Here you’ll be able to sort ideas by time of year, type of animal, or even imaginary characters. We have over 60 themes to choose from!

Teaching tools for kids yoga class

What’s Next

If you’ve already got the gist of your class set, but need a little help with some specific ideas, search our Tool Types. This section allows you choose from books, mindfulness projects, yoga adventures, and more. You can easily browse a variety of options in the type of activity you are looking for. 

You can always swap activities with each other. If you love a book idea, but are unable to get the book in time for your class, simply continue to search with the same tags and more ideas will pop up!

Another Option

For full class ideas from beginning to end, explore our Lesson Plans! You can follow them exactly as they are provided, or follow our suggestions for simple swaps. 

As Always

If you’re feeling stuck or have a question, we are happy to help. You can contact us anytime!

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