Namaste Kid Booth at Community Event

Promoting Kids’ Yoga at
Community Events

Leading yoga for kids at a community event is a fun challenge! If you plan your space well, you will find that you have one of the busiest booths at the event. The trick is to focus on highly engaging activities that are easy for kids...

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Kids Yoga Teaching Tools

Planning a Kids’ Yoga Class:
Where to Start

Everybody needs inspiration for their classes! Sometimes we need help from beginning to end, while other times we simply need a new book to bring into the mix.  Our Teaching Tools help instructors no matter where they are teaching. You'll find brilliant ideas for yoga...

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Yoga Ideas for Mixed Age Groups

  When given the option, most yoga instructors will chose relatively narrow age ranges for classes. Typical age ranges would be 3-5, 5-8, and 8-10 years old. Often times we can use the same materials with these different groups. However, we choose to separate by...

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Preschool Yoga

Learning with Physical Activity

  Learning with Movement Preschoolers love learning through songs, play, and movement! Not only are those things fun, they actually help kids to remember what they have learned.  Giving children the opportunity to move their bodies and experiment with new moves is a foundational part...

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Yoga for Playtime in Preschool Classroom

Yoga as Play Time

There are so many ways that play helps children to learn! Preschools and daycares fill their rooms with playful activities, each of which encourage social and educational growth in multiple ways.  Adding yoga activities as a form of play helps children to develop gross motor...

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Books for Preschool Yoga Story Time

Using Yoga at Story Time

Read aloud time offers so many benefits for children. It is a chance for them to slow down, connect with you, learn so much about written and spoken language, and have fun! You can reinforce all these benefits by adding yoga poses to story time!...

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Child Doing Yoga Pose for Nap Time

Getting Preschoolers Ready
for Nap Time

Some kids are always ready for a nap, while others need more help unwinding from a busy morning. Gradual transitions can make the change from silly-time to nap-time much easier for everyone! Begin by having children get their nap space ready. Maybe they need to...

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Classroom Yoga Ideas

Adding yoga in elementary schools can be simple and approachable! These yoga activities can easily be done at a desk or in the group area of a classroom. Use these in preschools, kindergarten, or early elementary grades. Here are a few easy ways to bring yoga...

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The Benefits of Yoga in Schools

The tough news is that our children are feeling the stress of our world. Both in and out of school, children are pushed to meet the demands of our increasingly stressful society. There is a strong push for higher scores on standardized tests, arts and...

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