There are so many ways that play helps children to learn! Preschools and daycares fill their rooms with playful activities, each of which encourage social and educational growth in multiple ways. 

Adding yoga activities as a form of play helps children to develop gross motor skills, improve balance and coordination, increase strength and flexibility. Yoga activities also promote teamwork, sharing, and creative play!

Here are some easy ways to incorporate yoga into play time:


By far, Toega is our most popular yoga activity for kids 3-6 years old! You can use it as a sorting activity, learning to count, and identifying colors. It’s also inexpensive, easy to store, and a breeze to clean up. 

The beauty of Toega is that it is so easy to theme, but completely entertaining all on it’s own! 

If you’re working on a fall unit, have children pretend they are squirrels gathering nuts for the winter. Fairies and dragons can collect precious gems, astronauts can collect moon rocks, and gardeners can collect flower seeds. And, of course, kids can collect pom poms!

Jumping Yoga Mats

Jumping Yoga Mats are so versatile! They create an interactive entry  if you line them up starting at your doorway and leading into your room. When kids are stuck inside for recess and need some big muscle movement, everyone will line-up to jump on these mats!

They are also fun and easy to theme – rabbits in a garden, animals in the snow, astronauts on the moon. 

You can create a set by following the directions we provide, or you can purchase a set of three mats through our store!

Yoga for Playtime in Preschool Classroom


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