Read aloud time offers so many benefits for children. It is a chance for them to slow down, connect with you, learn so much about written and spoken language, and have fun!

You can reinforce all these benefits by adding yoga poses to story time! Children become the story, as they practice yoga to the different storylines. 

Get creative, and explore yoga poses to hundreds of books. Our Teaching Tools contain easy-to-follow photos of kids in yoga poses, along with a script relating each pose to the book. Choose from childhood favorites or books that match the theme of your class units!

You can often find the books on our website in school libraries, and they are always available at your local public library! Yoga story time is often used in the group area of a classroom. It gives children a chance to stretch their bodies and use their large muscles, expending extra energy.

For units on spring or gardens, preschoolers love the bright illustrations in The Tiny Seed. To introduce active movement to poses, It’s a Tiger is our most popular book!


Books for Preschool Yoga Story Time


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