Partner yoga poses teach kids so many valuable lessons! They learn to work together, they lean on each other, and they provide support for someone. They learn to fall down, and to create a plan to get up again. 

Kids laugh. They balance. And most importantly, they connect.

These partner poses are a favorite part of our Fun with Animals lesson plan! Here are three creative animal yoga poses for kids to practice together:

  1. Lizard on a Rock
    Kids turn into a sun-bathing lizard, in this easy pose! Have one child become a rock, as they curl up in Child’s Pose. The second child gently sits on the rock, and slowly lays back to relax in the sun. To end this pose, have the rock rise up, to help the lizard return to a seated position.

  2. Double Down Dog
    Turning this foundational pose into a partner pose is a challenge kids embrace! Have one child begin in Downward Facing Dog. The second child stands in front of the first, place their hands on the floor, then gently sets one foot at a time on the lower back of the first child. To end this pose, have the top dog step their feet back to the floor. Now switch positions!

  3. Partner Butterfly
    For a supportive stretch, use Partner Butterfly pose! You can also turn this pose into a friendly bat for Halloween. You can have the butterfly fly around the circle clockwise, so kids practice with the child on one side, then with the child on their other side. Or kids can partner up and have them switch sides as they practice. Either way will ensure each child gets an even stretch on each side!


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