Warrior 1 is an amazing time to work on strength-building and personal growth! Warrior Poses are an excellent opportunity to incorporate affirmations, like “I am Creative!”

Use Warrior 1 to improve balance, strengthen legs, and build core strength. Children will also develop their self-confidence, as they focus on their affirmations. 

This pose can be found in Superhero Statues and Imani’s Moon.

Step 1
Begin in Mountain Pose.

Step 2
Take a big step forward with one foot, leaving your other foot in place.

Step 3
Raise your hands high over your head, palms facing each other.

Step 4
Turn your back foot, so your toes are pointed away from your body, and bend your front knee.

Step 5
Hold this pose for a couple of breaths, then bring your legs together and return to Mountain Pose.

Step 6
Repeat on your opposite side.


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