Mountain Pose is one the first yoga poses that children learn! It seems very simple, but has a number of benefits and is the foundation of many other poses. Children begin to work on core strength and balance, while increasing their concentration as they practice stillness in their own space. 

As an introduction to yoga, find Mountain Pose in Harold’s Circus and Let’s Go Fly a Kite

Step 1
Stand tall, with your toes touching and feet slightly apart. If it is more comfortable, you may keep your feet a few inches apart.

Step 2
Allow your body to gently sway back and forth.

Step 3
Slowly bring the swaying to a standstill. Stop with your weight balanced evenly on your feet.

Step 4
Press your shoulders back, and straighten your arms beside your torso.

Step 5
Breathe deeply, and hold this pose for a couple of breaths, or as long as you are comfortable.

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