Superhero Statues follows the same rules as Night at the Museum – but with a superhero twist!

In this game, superheroes try to sneak through the city without being caught by the photographer for the local newspaper.

Have one child be the photographer and leave the room, while the others spread out as Superhero Statues in the superhero poses listed below. Once all of the statues are in place, the photographer comes back into the room and slowly walks through the statues.

The photographer is sure the Superheroes are out there, and wants to get a picture of them in action! As long as the Superheroes are statues, the photographer doesn’t know that they are real.

The Superheroes move from pose to pose, but only when they think the photographer can’t see them moving. If the photographer catches a Superhero in action, they make a camera with their hands and take a picture.

Challenge kids to change their statue as often as possible!


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