Introduce a little bit of active movement with Washing Machine! Increase core strength and cross-body movement, while releasing extra energy. If kids are a little restless, have them do Washing Machine Pose for 30 seconds – start fast, then gradually slow them down to standing still and returning to their space.

Some of our favorite activities with this movement are Frosty Says and Waiting for Wings. Both engage children in themed yoga poses and active movement, for a total body workout. 

Step 1
Begin in Mountain Pose, then jump your legs apart!

Step 2
Using your stomach muscles, twist your body so one arm swings across the front of your body and your other arms swings across the back of your body.

Step 3
Twist your body the other direction, and swing your arms so that the arm that was in front of your body swings behind you, and the arm that was behind you swings in front of you.

Step 4
Repeat this movement so your arms swing smoothly from front to back.

Step 5
Lower your arms and step your feet back together.


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