Tree Pose is often one of the first yoga poses that children learn. It can be a challenging balancing pose, that even the youngest yogis love to try!

Some of our favorite kids yoga activities that incorporate Tree Pose are Build a Rainbow and Fall Fun! Both are fun and easy ways to bring yoga into elementary schools, preschool, or yoga class.

As your balance increases and you are ready for a challenge, try placing your foot higher on your leg, being careful to avoid pressing it against your knee. To encourage breathing in this pose, gently blow a breeze through your tree branches!

Step 1
Begin in Mountain Pose.

Step 2
To help with balance, extend your arms out to either side.

Step 3
Bend one knee to the side, and set your toes on the floor and your heel against your ankle.

Step 4
Lift your hands up to the sky.

Step 5
Hold this pose for a couple of breaths, then lower your arms and stand on both legs.

Step 6
Repeat on your opposite side.


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