Supine Twist is a calming yoga pose that is perfect to use before nap time or when children are winding down. It will help to calm bodies and ease them into a restful state of mind. This pose is also an excellent stretch at the end of a yoga routine. 

Our most popular sequence that uses Supine Twist is our Heart Opening Flow.

Step 1
Begin by lying on your back.

Step 2
Bring both knees up to your body in Wind Relieving Pose.

Step 3
Gently guide both knees to the floor, keeping your legs comfortably bent.

Step 4
Stretch your arms out to your sides, and look at your fingertips on the opposite side that your knees are pointing.

Step 5
Hold this pose for a couple of breaths, then return your body to Wind Relieving Pose and repeat on your opposite side. 

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