Uttana Shishosana

Puppy Dog Pose is one of the easiest (and most effective) ways to help children guide their big feelings to a more manageable place. From early childhood through adulthood, this variation of Child’s Pose eases people into a calmer state of mind. 

Age-appropriate introductions to Puppy Dog Pose can be found in Relaxing Flow and Time For Bed.

Teach children to settle into this pose when they need help managing and expressing their feelings, or if they need help falling asleep at bedtime. They can stay here and breathe in their own space for as long as they are comfortable doing so, or can settle into Child’s Pose

Begin by having children practice for a few breaths when they are already calm, and slowly introduce them to longer periods of time here.

Step 1
Begin in Table Pose.

Step 2
Walk your hands forward, and lower your head to your mat.

Step 3
Breathe deeply, and hold this pose for up to one minute.

Step 4
Lower your body into Child’s Pose.

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