Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

Mermaid Pose engages children in a full body stretch, while building core strength and increasing flexibility. Kids of all ages will have fun turning into mermaids and reaching for the sky!

Our most popular activity that uses this pose is Pirates Set Sail – get ready for a pirate adventure!

Step 1
Begin in Table Pose.

Step 2
Bring one knee forward, behind your hands.

Step 3
Lower yourself to sitting, and allow your front leg to fall open, resting your outer shin on your mat. 

Step 4
Keep your back leg bent comfortably.

Step 5
Lift your hand on the side of your front leg up to the sky, and rest your other hand on your back leg.

Step 6
Look up at your fingers for a couple of breaths.

Step 7
Place both hands on your mat and return to Table Pose.

Step 8
Repeat on your opposite side.

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