King Cobra Pose is a challenging pose that kids of all ages have fun with! Children strengthen their spines, as they stretch and try to touch their toes to their heads.

Some of our favorite yoga activities that incorporate King Cobra Pose are Little Owl Lost and Making Shapes! Both are fun and easy ways to bring yoga into preschools and yoga class.

Follow this pose with a nice spinal massage in Happy Baby.

Step 1
Begin by laying on your stomach.

Step 2
Place your hands flat on the floor, under your shoulders.

Step 3
Straighten your arms, to lift your upper body off the floor.

Step 4
If you are ready for a challenge, bend your knees, and try to touch your toes to the top of your head.

Step 5
Hold this position for a couple of breaths, then release your legs and upper body to rest on your mat.


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