Dancer Pose is a challenging yoga pose that kids of all ages enjoy practicing! Laugh and have fun as children work on their balance, tip over, and try again.

Watch and help kids to work on both sides. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they learn to hold themselves up, even if it’s just for a few seconds! For a new twist, have children try Partner Dancer, where connect their free hands to each other for extra support.

Our most popular yoga sequence with Dancer Pose is our Balancing Series. You’ll also find this pose in Hoop Hopping!

Step 1
Begin in Mountain Pose.

Step 2
Bend one foot up, and hold onto that foot with your same-sided hand.

Step 3
Keep your body upright, and lift your free hand over your head.

Step 4
Hold this pose for a couple of breaths.

Step 5
Gently release your leg, and return your hands to your sides.

Step 6
Repeat on your opposite side.


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