Introduce a little bit of active movement with Windmill Pose! Increase core strength and cross-body coordination, while releasing extra energy. If students are a little restless, have them practice Windmill Pose for 30 seconds – start fast, then gradually slow them down to standing still and returning to their seats.

Some of our favorite activities with this movement are Build a Rainbow and Frogs Go Leaping. Both engage children in themed yoga poses and active movement, for a total body workout. 

Step 1
Begin in Star Pose.

Step 2
Keep your arms and legs as straight as you can, and bend down to touch one hand to your opposite foot.

Step 3
Bring your body back up to Star Pose.

Step 4
Touch your other hand to the opposite foot.

Step 5
Return to Star Pose.

Step 6
Repeat this movement a couple of times – see how fast you can go!

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