Triangle Pose is a calming yoga pose for kids, that helps to reduce stress, and stretches the chest, legs, and back. It also builds leg and back strength.

For relaxing yoga activities, Triangle Pose can be used in stretching sequences. Look for this pose in Making Shapes and Nighttime Stretches.  This triangle turns into a watering can in Jo MacDonald Had a Garden!

Step 1
Begin in Star Pose.

Step 2
Turn one foot, so it is pointing to the side.

Step 3
Keep your arms straight. Bend through your hips, over your foot with your toes pointing out. Rest your lower hand on your shin or ankle and stretch your upper arm up to the sky.

Step 4
Hold this pose for a couple of breaths, then return to standing. Lower your hands to your sides.

Step 5
Repeat on your opposite side. 


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