Ardha Navasana

Half Boat Poe is an introductory version of Full Boat Pose. As children advance and are ready to explore, have them move on to the next step! 

Use Half Boat Pose to improve balance, stretch arms and legs, and build core strength. Children will also develop their concentration, as they begin to experiment with Full Boat Pose!

Look for this core strengthening pose in The Snowy Day and Not a Box!

Step 1
Begin by sitting on your mat.

Step 2
Bend your knees, so the bottoms of your feet are on your mat.

Step 3
Straighten your back, and lift your arms so they are parallel to the floor, with your palms facing each other.

Step 4
If you are feeling balanced, you can challenge yourself by trying Full Boat Pose.

Step 5
Release your arms and legs, and return to a comfortable seated position.


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