Mindfulness glitter jars are a beautiful calming project for children to take home!

Connect this craft with social and emotional learning activities.  Remind children that our feelings can be like the glitter in the jars, because sometimes our feelings can be shaken up. And just like the glitter, as we sit and breathe, everything settles down again.

You can pair this craft with any class theme, and students can make them with supplies that are readily available.

An easy option for the glitter jars is to have students bring in their own container. This can be any jar, or even a plastic water bottle, with the label peeled off!

Below is our favorite recipe for the contents of your glitter jar craft! It allows the glitter to swirl in a beautiful pattern. We find it takes just over a minute for the glitter to settle, which is a wonderful amount of time for children to breathe and relax. If children would like to enjoy the calming effects again, they are always welcome to shake their jar and watch again.

Children of all ages love the effects of calming glitter jars!

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