Kids love animal themed yoga poses – and underwater animals make for a class filled with happiness!

During class, children learn all about ocean animals, as they travel bottom of the ocean and back. 

This yoga lesson plan includes:

  • A centering activity and guided group discussion, helping children come together and prepare for class
  • Warm-up yoga flow, so kids can get their bodies moving together
  • Yoga poses set to a rhyming storybook about our oceans
  • Yoga game, to increase active movement and teamwork
  • Themed large muscle movement as a group
  • Savasana – which connects students to each other as class winds down
  • Calming mindfulness project, as children explore underwater imagery

The steps in this class can easily be adjusted to fill a 45-60 minute yoga class. This lesson plan is appropriate for children 3-8 years old. 

Be sure to click through each activity, so you can be familiar with the entire class plan.

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