The Fourth of July is filled so many fun ways to celebrate this national holiday – and we can do them all in yoga class! This lesson plan is perfect during the month of July, as children explore all the exciting ways to celebrate this holiday.

This lesson plan includes:

  • A centering activity and guided group discussion, where children come together and prepare for class
  • Warm-up yoga flow
  • Themed yoga activity, that focuses on large muscle movement 
  • Yoga poses set to a festive July Fourth story
  • Exciting yoga game, that focuses on large muscle movement
  • A special yoga adventure, as children continue to enjoy the holiday
  • Relaxing yoga flow, with calming yoga poses
  • Mindfulness project, to create a fun take-home

The steps in this class can be adjusted to fill a 45-90 minute yoga class, and is appropriate for children 3-8 years old. 

Be sure to click through each activity, so you can be familiar with the entire class plan.

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