Camel Pose is a fun and challenging yoga pose, that helps kids to improve their posture and strengthen their back muscles! To introduce this pose, have children start in Easy Camel Pose, and slowly lower their hands as they feel ready for a new challenge.

Look up, and feel a snowflake kiss your nose while holding this pose in A Flower in the Snow!

Step 1
Begin on your knees, with the tops of your feet resting on the floor.

Step 2
Place your hands on your back, with your fingers pointed down.

Step 3
Lean back, until your hands touch your feet. If you are having trouble reaching your feet, it’s ok to stay where you are, or to turn your toes under to elevate your heels.

Step 4
Hold this pose for a couple of breaths.

Step 5
Bring your hands to your lower belly, and slowly come back to upright.



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